(Aug 23 - Sep 22)
Monday, 01.18.2021

Everybody has their idea about 'good communication' and what it involves. It doesn't take long to discover a discussion goes off on tangents or somebody's 'hard work' conversationally. But we also know when we experience a genuine meeting of minds. There can be something thrilling about visible two-way enthusiasm. That could be something you'll be delighted to experience now or shortly.

From January 18, 2021 thru January 24, 2021

This week, try not to question whether you should say what you think or feel. It's important that you do. But there could be discomfort or pain attached that makes what you say unintentionally barbed or hurtful. You're likely to deal with a sensitive issue but take your time with expressing yourself. Accept that those who love and support you will also give you the time you need. If you can apply a 'mental filter' to what you say, then you could avoid issuing an apology later.

January, 2021

January has a stronger intellectual and philosophical vibe. Your mind could be determined to wander and explore new areas. What you discover could be conveyed powerfully and courageously, too. You appear to have something you're determined to say! Venus sweetens love, romance, and heartfelt expression from the 8th. A New Moon brings a fresh start to the same areas on the 13th. Is that your heart beating faster – or the pitter-patter of tiny feet I hear?

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