(Apr 20 - May 20)
Wednesday, 11.13.2019

It is generally understood that, where success exists, money is rarely far behind. It is often a by-product of impressive achievements, but we can all count numerous times when there was no financial gain from the success we achieved in the past. As keen as you might be to see evidence of monetary benefit from effort invested in a particular way, the progress you're about to experience could bring something much more helpful or inspiring. Allow some time to make this clearer.

From November 11, 2019 thru November 17, 2019

This week, as Venus links with Neptune, you could find your patience tested regarding certain people. However, this can be beneficial with you gaining a more realistic perspective about where you stand with one or two individuals. There's no doubt that your imagination is likely to work overtime during the coming days. Although it might be challenging to find a balance between seeing people and shared circumstances realistically, it will be important to be honest with yourself about whether the assessments you make are real or imagined. As long as you focus on being your authentic self and encourage authenticity from others, you should find that your connection with them starts to feel reassuringly aboveboard.

November, 2019

A Full Moon in your sign on the 12th could cause emotions to intensify, but the main cosmic focus exists on what ancient astrologers referred to as 'deep sharing' – and this includes the more concealed or darker aspects of your world. With the Sun, Venus, and a New Moon influencing this area, you could find that matters related to money that doesn't come from earnings receive considerable attention. But on a more exciting level, a fear you've grown used to nurturing could reveal itself to be less daunting or intimidating than you believed it was. You're superbly placed to put it to rest. Do what you fear most, and then watch that fear disappear.

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