(Oct 23 - Nov 21)
Tuesday, 04.07.2020

Influential people throughout history who were alone with a quest were likely aware of how unsupported they were with something close to their hearts. Not everybody understands what someone is keen to accomplish. But if you feel frustrated at the fact that you're also unsupported or others don't 'get' what you're keen to achieve, then that might be something to be proud of. It could be proof, if you needed it, of how unique your pursuit is.

From April 06, 2020 thru April 12, 2020

This week, ss mental Mercury links with your ruling planet Pluto, you mustn't try to hasten a process unfolding in its own way in time. Despite how much you might wish results, progress, or certain improvements were more encouraging or visible, trust that you're in the throes of a positive and transformative process. Soon, your current circumstances will likely appear vastly different. But that will be the result of the process working on your behalf that cannot be rushed. Focus instead on here and now in the knowledge that change or improvement you yearn for is coming - and soon.

April, 2020

We're aware of the saying that involves 'returning to Earth with a bump.' We can all recall times when we felt relieved to have both feet land safely on firm ground. So, returning to Earth needn't always be disappointing or upsetting. This month, more than one powerful celestial event separates facts from fantasies and could transform certain attitudes or beliefs in the process. The sense of realism coming your way is bound to be welcomed.

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