(Nov 22 - Dec 21)
Friday, 09.24.2021

Stepping back into the shadows could be much more appealing than immersing yourself in any crowd. If you don't believe you possess the energy or inclination to be sociable in ways you're expected to, then offer a polite refusal. You can trust that anybody who wants you to be the best you can be won't see this as selfish.

From September 20, 2021 thru September 26, 2021

Certain situations could have a spontaneous or adventurous vibe this week. That might suit you down to the ground, too. But you could be surprised at what you find you don't have control over. Emotions might be at the top of that list, too. So, try to be strict with yourself about how actions will have consequences. Something you believe to be minor and done in the spur of the moment could turn out to be something you'll wish you showed restraint with later!

September, 2021

If you've wanted to ring a significant change career-wise, you and the universe are on the same page! From as early as the 6th, you could be aware of a new professional opening or fresh start waiting for you to seize it. But there is also a strong connection with professional progress and financial improvements. There could be some less obvious but extremely positive earning implications by taking a bold and far-reaching career-related step during the coming weeks.

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