(Feb 19 - Mar 20)
Friday, 09.24.2021

Being confident is one thing. Being overly optimistic is another. So, be careful about how much you take on or commit yourself to at this time. There appears to be more than one person who would gladly take a mile if you offered an inch, too. Creating a definitive list of who and what you're obliged to and sticking to it reduces the risk of you and others being disappointed.

From September 20, 2021 thru September 26, 2021

A Full Moon in your sign will likely sharpen your already-sharp intuition. But it could heighten emotions, too. Fortunately, you'll be able to spot when conditions are right to open up to one person in a way you may not have done in a while. Do that, and you'll see how a bit of vulnerability on your part strengthens or restores communication with somebody who might be the perfect confidante or 'sounding board.'

September, 2021

How does that saying go? Is it 'less haste, more speed'? Or 'more speed, less haste'? Either way, you're likely to deal with confusing energy that won't benefit from an urgent or a hasty approach. You could be keen to resolve a matter, possibly not of your making. But as the month progresses, it could be clear that you must allow a process beyond your control to unfold as it intends to. Whatever arises, it's manageable and resolvable. Just try to dial back determination to force what won't be forced!

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