(Feb 19 - Mar 20)
Tuesday, 04.13.2021

Sometimes, an impressive display of power and influence involves knowing precisely what words to say to a particular person. There's real skill involved with saying something that inspires and resonates deeply and uniquely within a specific individual. It appears that somebody in your world could benefit from that natural skill you possess now. Say what needs to be said in a way that only you can.

From April 12, 2021 thru April 18, 2021

A connection between the Sun and Neptune suggests your perspective toward a particular matter needs to change. Your inner voice can boost your optimism and help you spot the hidden advantage in what you might see as unhelpful. But connecting deeply with your intuition and looking beyond what's obvious will help you feel more hopeful and trusting. The more willing you are to trust your intuition this week, the more likely it will lead you to something rewarding that you may not have discovered otherwise.

April, 2021

If you've been considering options to ensure there's more 'money' in your bank account than 'month,' you could be delighted with cosmic support on offer. Venus influences your earnings until the 14th. You also have a New Moon on the 11th that bodes well for enhancing your income. Although any effort you invest this month to create cash won't be in vain, you could find money connected with your home, or a family member can make your financial picture appear rosier!

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