Pisces Love
(Feb 19 - Mar 20)
Tuesday, 04.13.2021

Having the Moon in Pisces over recent days has sharpened your sixth sense and enhanced your over the horizon radar, which explains a growing sense of romantic anticipation. This is not the point in the year when there is usually anything approaching for you to pick up on, making it important to keep listening to your heart, with a significant romantic twist just around the corner.

From April 12, 2021 thru April 18, 2021

The pressure of your circumstances has a negative influence on your private life. Small misunderstandings seem to infuriate you. You won't solve your problems by shouting at those you care about most. Refrain from such outbursts and acting in an emotional way. After all, your lover is not necessarily at fault! Level-headedness and self-control can ease the situation.

April, 2021

This should be a quiet month on the romantic and relationship fronts, for there is rarely planetary activity on either front at this time of year. Because the Sun will always return to your communication sector towards the end of April your relationships will always have an advantage, but nothing that puts any direct focus on your relationships. With the Sun not returning to your romantic sector until June each year, the only influence on the romantic front at this time of year should be the Moon's monthly visit. To begin with, it is business as usual, though your relationships will get a boost from the Moon's return to your communication sector from 13th April to 15th April. It is just 12 hours before the Moon is due to leave that Venus, the planet of love will return to your communication sector on 15th April, beginning her mission to give your heart and your relationships a voice. With the Moon still here when she returns but having already spent two days giving your emotional responses a voice, Venus will piggyback off this. With Mercury, the planet of communication returning to your communication sector on 19th April and the Sun on 20th April, the communication support will only increase. While there is still no planetary activity in your communication sector, the Moon's return from 23rd April to 25th April will be a chance to take advantage of this. This comes just as things take a dramatic turn for the better on the romantic front, with Mars' return to your romantic sector on 23rd April beginning the first planetary activity here for the year, two months before you would normally expect any. The Moon's visit from 18th April to 20th April will give romantically charged lunar vibes a chance to prepare the way for the warrior planet's return. Once here, Mars will continue to fuel your romantic passions and fighting spirit until he leaves on 12th June, with Venus returning nine days earlier to ensure things don't go off the boil.

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