(Sep 23 - Oct 22)
Tuesday, 04.13.2021

'You can go your own way.' Each member of Fleetwood Mac had reasons to consider 'going it alone'. You could feel encouraged to look at the benefits of breaking free from one arrangement to see what could be accomplished independently. Don't rule out how the time may have finally arrived to do so, too. A previously 'locked door' could open with surprising ease now.

From April 12, 2021 thru April 18, 2021

This week brings a slightly tense link between your ruling planet Venus and transformational Pluto. The tension this creates can bring to the surface much that has been concealed within a relationship. The dynamics between you and someone are about to change dramatically or transform. So, be willing to summon your natural peacemaking qualities. Because with Pluto involved, the wrong kind of fireworks could emerge if you're not careful.

April, 2021

Although it might feel as if the universe dangles something capturing your imagination but just beyond your reach, that doesn't mean you're bearing the brunt of a cruel cosmic joke. If anything, what you see beckoning on the horizon exists to confirm how much effort you're willing to invest in making it yours. If you feel extra inspired or motivated this month, you can be sure it's to help you take steps to turn a long-held vision into something real.

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