(Sep 23 - Oct 22)
Wednesday, 11.13.2019

Where we feel we're not making progress or stuck in a stagnant or seemingly uncooperative situation, something is always moving forward regardless of how it might appear otherwise. It's not your future that demands attention, but an aspect of your past that needs you to apply a previous lesson learned in the present. You might need to look backward briefly to connect with it but trust that it offers a helpful solution, here and now.

From November 11, 2019 thru November 17, 2019

There's something harsh and insensitive about the saying that involves 'waking up and smelling the coffee'. However, as Venus links with Neptune this week, it is appropriate for you, despite how blunt it might sound. You're not at risk of being deceived and neither should you create defensive barriers to anyone you come in contact with during the coming days. What you're granted this week is a chance to gain essential and timely clarity that can help you to see realistically what you may have seen idealistically. Trust that this is something that you can only benefit from and will also very likely feel grateful to have experienced.

November, 2019

November offers a chance to bring a greater sense of security and stability to an area of your world that might have felt uncertain or changeable recently. Where you might have thought you had no option but to accept – or tolerate – change or upheaval and possibly on the home or family fronts, this month, something shifts or progresses. A new level of comfort will require effort, proactivity, and adjustment on your part. However, you can be confident that the universe has your back to ensure the transition is both timely and manageable.

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