(May 21 - Jun 20)
Monday, 01.18.2021

If, toward the end of 2020, you felt missing pieces of a 'puzzle' of your world fell into place, then that's something to build upon now. But this could also be a time of surprising developments. In truth, you appear to have raised the bar with certain expectations. That means you shouldn't be surprised if you discover this brings a more impressive result.

From January 18, 2021 thru January 24, 2021

This week, start to write that romance or fantasy novel, screenplay, or poem. Blow the dust off an easel, paints, and brushes. Learn to play a musical instrument you've always wanted to play. But even if you choose not to succumb to your imaginative or creative side, your compassionate and spiritual qualities could emerge. Your words, in any way you express them this week, can be inspiring, soothing, and healing. Apply these gifts generously!

January, 2021

From the 6th until March 3rd, your effort levels, determination, and stamina diminish. But this will have nothing to do with laziness. Mars encourages you to apply essential self-care and accept the need to take breaks or distance yourself occasionally to do so. That doesn't mean January will be dull or uneventful. With Venus and a New Moon influencing money from sources other than earnings, a cash-related surprise or development could do more than make you smile!

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