(May 21 - Jun 20)
Wednesday, 11.13.2019

Giving up is always an option available to us when we feel we're failing. Another option can surround reading the instructions properly, and seeing what trying and trying again brings us. It is worth looking closely at how you're approaching something in an area of your world to determine where you might be going wrong. Success can be achieved by re-attempting something with new levels of belief and determination. Giving up at this stage mustn't be an option.

From November 11, 2019 thru November 17, 2019

As Mercury links with Pluto this week, it's essential for you to keep your eyes peeled for a development that, at first, appears so insignificant that you're likely to believe it doesn't warrant any attention. However, try not to underestimate the far-reaching transformational power it possesses. Even if an opportunity arrives without trumpets blaring or in a way that demands you stop what you're doing to acknowledge its arrival, it doesn't mean that it should be pushed to one side in favour of what requires attention loudly or unsubtly. This week, be alert toward what's unseen, invisible, hidden or seemingly minor. You could discover that you're dealing with something that possesses transformational qualities that go beyond anything you expected.

November, 2019

As a Gemini, you're fortunate to experience brainwaves frequently. However, like anyone else, you wrestle with tricky dilemmas and elusive solutions. For some time, you might have wondered if you possess the energy and enthusiasm to continue pursuing a plan that inspired you in the past. Fortunately, you don't need to come up with a quick, brilliant new strategy. Expect to be enlightened in a way that could revive your mojo or a spirit that you were sure had flown. A timely and clever idea related to applying a new approach to an old problem awaits.

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