(Dec 22 - Jan 19)
Friday, 09.24.2021

A particular relationship or possibly collaboration likely shows signs of strengthening. But this is probably happening due to willingness on your part to listen and compromise. Yes, you often come up with the right answers, and others know it. But making yourself a bit vulnerable and allowing somebody to confirm what they can contribute plays a part in teamwork flourishing.

From September 20, 2021 thru September 26, 2021

You could be in an interesting and pivotal position this week involving a dilemma you can't ignore. You could come up with a dozen reasons why certain circumstances or a particular arrangement shouldn't change. Yet, you might come up with thirteen reasons why it's worth taking a risk! A Full Moon illuminates your dearest hopes and wishes. If you're willing to take a bold step, you could soon see why you were pushed to do so.

September, 2021

This month, the universe appears determined to remove you from a career-related comfort zone. A new, cosmically-sanctioned trajectory awaits! Yes, your Capricornian cautiousness or tendency to worry might kick in after you take a bold step. But you're heading on a new professional path and taking timely, necessary steps toward your true calling. All you need to do is trust that whatever feels daunting will soon create new, more inspiring, and reassuring comfort.

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