Zodiac signs and cheating: how, when and why

If you know the Zodiacal characteristic of your partner, this will allow you to learn a lot about them and help you to avoid many problems. Read on to find out how different Zodiac signs cheat.

Aries. Aries are very trustful. They quickly fall in love. However, as soon as the feelings fade away a little, a new object of love can appear in their life. In the constant pursuit of the ideal, Aries can quickly lose interest in their current relationship. Speaking about Aries, the search for new emotions becomes the most common reason for cheating.

Taurus. Taurus can be called the most reliable partner. Taurus are not interested in the affairs on the side, they are faithful to their partners. Still, there is one unpleasant moment — despite their dedication, Taurus can cheat only when they can’t understand their own feelings and want to save their family and fall in love with someone else at the same time.

Gemini. It is difficult to resist the Gemini’s charm, they are smart deceivers and are very proud of their multiple victories on the love front. They are sociable and incorrigible romantics — this is a dangerous combination. Gemini love to flirt, which means that you, perhaps, may not be the only one.

Cancer. Cancers are smart people who often follow their heart, not their head. It is difficult to come to an agreement with such a person. Cancers usually don’t listen to anyone and don’t ask for forgiveness when they betray their loved ones. They are always sure they were right! If your Cancer cheated on you, they will probably blame you for that.

Leo. Leo is used to being proud of their partner, the opinion of others about their soulmate is very important to them. Leos are reasonable and lazy. Betrayal is not for them. It’s not their lifestyle. Leos love drama, excitement in relationships and attention. Don’t forget to praise Leos and tell them how much you love them. That’s how you can remain in a Leo’s heart forever.

Virgo. Virgos are famous for their loyalty. In addition, they are very concerned about their reputation, so they rarely decide to cheat. Virgos do it only if their current relationship is over for them. If the Virgos are happy and satisfied, they will not think about the «forbidden fruit.» Cheating becomes normal if they feel that the partner doesn’t respect them and won’t be even hurt by cheating.

Libra. When a Libra is in love, they will make an effort to be honest with you. They will share information about themselves more openly. If a Libra is serious about you, you will know it. However, they love new companies, compliments and flirting, which often leads to unusual situations. Be careful!

Scorpio. From time to time, Scorpios can be very stubborn, so easy-going people are ideal for them. If they really love someone, they will not even think about cheating. Anyway, cheating may take place if the relationship turns into a routine, especially in sex. Antidote: be an innovator in the bedroom.

Sagittarius. In love, a Sagittarius needs a best friend first. They don’t care about finding a passionate lover or trying something new in their love life. It is much more important for them to find someone who wants the same thing as they do. When you are together, they may be fascinated by someone else’s intellect, but it will not go further flirting. If a Sagittarius cheats on their partner, for them, as well as for Virgos, it only means an escape from their current relationship.

Capricorn. Capricorns are the most trustworthy people of all signs. They choose their life partner carefully, make plans, always weigh all the pros and cons. These people appreciate what they have in life. Moreover, they are monogamous and don’t forgive treason.

Aquarius. Aquarius hate routine, and, as a rule, they can start an affair with those who are different from their partner. When the worst part is done, they often think that it was inevitable. They don’t feel remorse. Aquarius don’t want to stop developing as a person even if they already have family and children. They will never cheat on you if you have common hobbies and support everything they do.

Pisces. People of this sign live in their own fantasy world, there is always a romantic and passionate scenario of their life in their head. If their relationship becomes boring and predictable, they will start fantasizing about a colleague or someone else from their environment. They can cheat on their partner emotionally, but having sex with someone on the side is not about Pisces.

Cheating is always unpleasant, and if you experience a breakup, the stars can tell you where to find your new love and how to prepare for new relationships.

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