The type of man you fall for, according to your Zodiac sign

Have you ever come up with the conclusion they your ex-partners had a lot of things in common? The alignment of the stars has special influence over your preferences, so your Zodiac sign can say a lot about the type of guy you’re most drawn to. Are you already curious to find out?

Aries. As an Aries, you have always been a stubborn person. That’s why you don’t need someone sensitive or romantic – you often fall for “bad guys” who love to show off sometimes. You only feel comfortable with men who know their worth and can easily deal with your fiery nature.

Taurus. It’s not easy to please or satisfy you, so you need someone who will worship you and treat you not even like a princess, but like a queen. In relationships, you also search for pleasure and adventures. You can’t stay with a boring guy for long.

Gemini. Gemini also search for fun in a relationship. Moreover, they need someone who will help them to make tough decisions and solve most of their problems. As a Gemini, you want to meet a smart and mature man, who will not only sweep you off your feet, but also have big plans for the future.

Cancer. You need stability and a loving shelter, so the man you will fall in love with must first become your best friend who will understand you better than anyone in the world. Your perfect partner will open his soul to you and satisfy all of your emotional needs.

Leo. Leo women are strong and self-confident, but, at the same time, they are quite feminine, generous, and loving. You want to have a healthy family and a husband who will be as powerful and smart as you are. You need to do or create something special together with your partner and always have something to discuss with him.

Virgo. Sometimes it’s hard for you to get out of your shell, so you need a very supportive and understanding partner. It’s important for you to feel comfortable and free around your man. Most Virgos find it hard to talk about their feelings, that’s why you need a partner who will be really patient.

Libra. Most Libras are sociable and fun-loving, they love parties and always have a lot of friends. You definitely need a man who will also be the life of the party and an outgoing person. If a guy can bring more people into your life and, at the same time, stay loyal and romantic, he is a perfect match for you.

Scorpio. You have a crazy temper and need someone who can deal with it. You are sexy, mysterious and stylish, that’s why you always have a lot of admirers, but only fall for the guys who are as interesting and unique as you are.

Sagittarius. For you, the best thing in life is freedom. You are an adventure seeker and can’t stay calm for a minute. You need someone who will inspire you, lift your spirits, and be passionate about traveling and exploring the world.

Capricorn. You stay focused on your career goals, that’s why you need a man who will support your ambitions. Capricorns adore serious, mature and hard-working men, that’s why they usually fall for someone older.

Aquarius. You have a curious mind, so your partner should be an unconventional man who is ready to experiment in every sphere of life. You love rebellious guys with a perfect sense of creativity and unique charisma.

Pisces. For you, romantic needs are the most important. You usually fall in love with the dreamers! You want your man not only to take good care of you, but also to let you take care of him. Beautiful romantic gestures also always turn you on.

When you meet a man you truly fall in love with, it’s always interesting to find out what’s waiting for you in the future. A lot of things can cause relationship issues, for example, some of your personal traits can be hard to deal with. Fortunately, stars can tell a lot about the most difficult part of loving you. But what if you have to separate with your partner? As it turns out, your Zodiac sign can reveal the truth about your approach to break-ups. 

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