10 signs that your relationship is threatened

How to understand that your relationship with your man will never lead to something serious? It may be enough just to look at his attitude towards you, your life together and your common goals.

#1. He is not just afraid of marriage or believes that he is too young to live together. He has no such plans at all. Unlike you.

#2. He makes it clear to you that there are things in his life that are much more important than your relationship.

#3. He doesn’t consider it necessary to meet your parents or introduce you to his close relatives.

#4. He is not interested in your well-being, your dreams, desires and hobbies. If your opinion means little to him, if he can be rude or sarcastic while communicating with you, these are obvious signs of disrespect towards you.

#5. Your partner doesn’t give you presents or does it very rarely and, in general, he tries to spend less money on you.

#6. He has his own travel plans or plan your joint vacations without you. If your man doesn’t ask where you would like to go, he is not interested in your opinion all.

#7. He is not always present. Maybe, he even comes around only when it’s convenient for him, and you don’t even notice it. Even if you are deeply in love, you need to stay careful and attentive.

#8. You have very few common ground and, most often, you can’t even find things to talk about. You can’t be open with each other, and there is nothing you can help each other with during the bad days.

#9. You understand that you practically don’t know his real nature, just as he doesn’t know yours. There are things you can’t discuss with your partner, or, even worse, there are things in your life you don’t want him to know about at all.

#10. You feel that your relationship is just a fun way to spend spare time for him.

To understand that your current partner is not the right person for you, you need to take responsibility for your feelings and analyze the way you communicate with him. The stars will help you figure it out. Find out what awaits you in 2019 (https://today-horoscopes.com/articles/your-love-forecast-for-2019/) and what mistakes you should avoid. (https://today-horoscopes.com/articles/what-things-zodiac-signs-can-never-forgive/)

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