Monday, 01.18.2021

Is it fair to say there's such a thing as 'good' and 'bad' pressure? Any can boost our stress levels, which isn't helpful or healthy. Yet, there are times when pressure received or applied in the right way encourages us to do what we might not have done otherwise, in a positive sense, of course. Don't be quick to resist or resent pressure coming your way. With the right attitude, it could be helpful.

From January 18, 2021 thru January 24, 2021

This week, you're armed with experience-based wisdom you didn't have previously. You can also trust that there's likely to be an excellent reason why the time is right for you to be led by a wild, exciting, and inspiring idea. Believe that you can afford in more ways than one to take the step that you're now encouraged to take - or retake. Keep telling yourself that the past isn't a definitive, solid guide to the future. That was then; this is now. You've every reason to feel confident.

January, 2021

This month, the universe intends to leave you alone to adjust to the recent arrival of Saturn and Jupiter in your sign. Both don't glide through a sign. They grind through it. So, look for clues offering a way forward with a new reality emerging in your world. Saturn is less flexible where defining your new personal path is concerned. The planet of karma has its own agenda. But Jupiter wants you to be open-minded and optimistic toward becoming a better version of yourself. Think big, and don't hold back!

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