Wednesday, 11.13.2019

Your ability to see something in a particular situation that someone cannot is an advantage, not something to feel frustrated with. You might feel it's necessary to make clear what you see and what they ought to understand, but you do have the upper hand in some way. Your instincts aren't letting you down. Soon, you will have an opportunity to draw attention to why you should be listened to. Choose your moment carefully.

From November 11, 2019 thru November 17, 2019

We're all blessed with what could be considered the most valuable human resource - our sixth sense. It's by adopting a more open mind that you could find that much that has felt complex or on par with wading through treacle becomes easier this week. There is a hidden, practical advantage in what transpires during the coming days, regardless of how daunting it might appear initially. If you're prepared to be guided by your intuition this week, then you could find that what unfolds offers a chance to feel more hopeful – mainly because you'll be granted an excellent reason to feel such a way. If you allow your heart to have a louder voice, then something pleasing and reassuring awaits.

November, 2019

Aquarians have a long history of introducing innovation to the world and pushing boundaries. However, your ideas tend to focus strongly on how others can benefit from your forward-thinking and revolutionary strategies. This month, you might need to become a tiny bit selfish - but not nastily! It's time to turn your unique creativity inward. The improvement you bring to at least one area of your world by doing so will not only be potentially jaw-dropping, but it will also be far-reaching.

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