Friday, 09.24.2021

You could be aware of something others or someone, in particular, haven't yet become privy to. This might pose a dilemma. You could weigh up the benefits of putting them in the picture or allowing information to find them in the same way it found you. But whatever you choose to do, be aware that there is no middle ground. You'll likely either you spill the beans completely or say zilch.

From September 20, 2021 thru September 26, 2021

Even if others around you are losing their heads, you must keep yours intact this week! Fortunately, you have the proper cosmic support to spot the confusing and distracting energy you're likely to deal with. But that doesn't mean you're completely protected from it. Remind yourself that any drama that arises is temporary. The more effort you make to remain grounded, the more likely it is that you'll see anything challenging from the right, manageable perspective.

September, 2021

When the universe urges you to take a step you've resisted taking, you can trust it's for a necessary reason. There appears to be something you've considered doing but will never know the result unless you try. That's why you need to adopt a light-hearted attitude and approach to what you might see as concerning or intimidating. A Full Moon on the 20th also targets your earned income. If you're not making better or full use of a talent to boost your bank balance, that could become clear!

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