Tuesday, 04.13.2021

Years ago, it was revolutionary for children to receive storybooks that inserted into a story the names of people known to a child. Although all storylines remained the same, a child could choose who they wanted key characters to be. That admittedly child-based analogy holds some relevance to you now. Certain circumstances could require you to be clear about who you want at your side, accompanying you on a particular 'journey.' But you can dictate this story.

From April 12, 2021 thru April 18, 2021

As Mars links with Uranus, you're bound to feel edgy, wound-up, and emotionally-charged. This connection is renowned for increasing pressure and pushing someone to breaking point. But it is as if the universe needs you to get fired-up about something. Perhaps, if you don't, a crucial change would never occur. Trust that you can harness negative energy positively to take a risk, throw some caution to the wind and see how you end up feeling pleased that you did.

April, 2021

This month, be prepared to attract attention! There's plenty of planetary activity to sweeten your love life or one special connection. But it's the way you convey yourself and possibly open up to one or two individuals that might make this month extra special. As April draws to a close, a Full Moon influences your career, ambitions, and status. This again puts you 'in the spotlight' in a way that could involve well-deserved recognition.

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