(Aug 23 - Sep 22)
Tuesday, 04.07.2020

Various types of fish and ocean life enjoy attaching themselves to whales and sharks who seem unbothered about carrying these helpful creatures. Both know they serve a practical purpose. Similarly, you can benefit from an association with a particular person. They'd be happy for you to accompany them on a journey or venture. All you need to do is be willing to play a part in assisting them and perhaps reiterate the benefits of doing so.

From April 06, 2020 thru April 12, 2020

As Mercury links with Jupiter this week, you're encouraged to address honestly what you're capable of in at least one area of your world. You could come up with an idea or make a decision that improves a less than desirable or uncomfortable situation significantly. For this to happen, you must distinguish between something you believe you want and what you know, in your heart, you genuinely need. Make that distinction and get that balance right, and a comforting, pleasing, and inspiring development awaits.

April, 2020

Will April bring the levels of support you need? In truth, you've probably done such a good job of managing or handling something single-handedly that others in a position to assist have chosen not to. Don't resign yourself to continuing to do something solo. You could become aware of how important you are to someone's world - or the vital role you play elsewhere. Prepare for overdue recognition - and affection.

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