(Aug 23 - Sep 22)
Friday, 10.18.2019

There could be considerably more importance placed on what you say and how you say it at this time. You could believe that a point doesn't need to be labored and will be easily understood by a certain person. However, what's glaringly obvious to you and possibly in more ways than one, could be less obvious to someone else. With a bit more patience and possibly imagination on your part, you can ensure your point is made properly and thoroughly.

From October 14, 2019 thru October 20, 2019

It's possible that recent events have altered more than one opinion about what you consider to be most important in life. This week's events are linked to your confidence, material possessions, values, and what you consider to be valuable. It's also possible that the conclusions you draw will be those you feel passionate about. You're likely to experience a process of change this week, and one that you should welcome and embrace because the new attitude you form about money's inability to solve every problem in life could be both far-reaching and permanent.

October, 2019

There could be plenty of activity during the first half of the month that you'll feel determined to ensure is shrouded in secrecy. That doesn't mean you're up to anything deceitful, but much of what you're considering or planning is likely to be private or behind the scenes. Your efforts to keep a low profile or off everybody's radar could prove to have been wise due to what occurs on August 8. However, from the 18th, the curtain is lifted, and the pace of life picks up considerably. Your mojo returns in a way it hasn't done for some time, and you're about to make clear to others how “back in the saddle“ you are!.

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