(Apr 20 - May 20)
Tuesday, 04.07.2020

We often know when someone smiles and insists all is fine when it is clear all is not. We can give away more to others than we're aware of, sometimes. Where you may feel a need to protect yourself in some way, you could make this very apparent to those around you. At least one person in your world wants to be the sounding board that you need. Take them up on their offer.

From April 06, 2020 thru April 12, 2020

This week brings an interesting link between Venus and Neptune. One of the many likely symptoms of this connection is confusion or being acutely aware of the lines blurred in a particular situation. You could have a strong feeling about someone or something, but the conflict between what your head and heart tell you makes this unnecessarily complicated. The message from the universe to you this week is: trust what your instincts tell you, even if the message is one you prefer to ignore. Your inner voice will always tell you the truth. This week, make a point of acknowledging and accepting that.

April, 2020

This is a month of endings and new beginnings. Important choices are needed about whether you dwell on what has finished or embrace new chapters unfolding or commencing. Rather than focus on what you believe to be negative or unhelpful, look at life through a more positive and optimistic lens. As April progresses, you'll feel reassured that the proverbial glass is far from half empty!

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