(Feb 19 - Mar 20)
Friday, 10.18.2019

For as long as you're stuck in the middle of a perplexing situation, all you might see is a distinct shade of grey, rather than anything being black or white. It could be because you're adopting a more open mind than others that you can see middle ground in ways they can't. That's probably why you could also help to identify a compromise that suits all concerned.

From October 14, 2019 thru October 20, 2019

This week, a potentially powerful focus exists on relationships and commitments. Someone you're committed to romantically could be taken aback to discover how your passion levels have boosted noticeably. If it's any other kind of partnership, then you could have ideas to take your alliance to a new level and leave a partner in no doubt about how passionately you feel about these, too. Either way, by doing what you can to strengthen key connections, not only are you likely to discover your ideas or intentions are met with no resistance, but they could make at least one person feel even gladder to have you in their world.

October, 2019

If you felt that much on the career front has been dormant or inactive recently, then you can expect significant changes this month. If you've been waiting for news regarding a career-related proposal, tender or offer, then what transpires on or around August 8 could have you punching the air with joy. This delightful event is possibly connected with and supported further by what occurs around August 14. The definition of success is waking up each morning and loving what you do. That could be you this month - and beyond!

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