(Jul 23 - Aug 22)
Friday, 10.18.2019

We experience understandable wariness or hesitancy when we must take a situation at face value. We are aware of the risk involved by doing so, especially when new information arrives that we wish we had available before making our decision. That's why it might be helpful for you to resist an urge to do so without having all the available facts. These appear to be in the process of trying to find you. Give them a chance to do so.

From October 14, 2019 thru October 20, 2019

This week, you could feel extra-passionate and fired up about something to the point where conveying thoughts or feelings could leave the heads spinning of the recipients of your words. You might not only experience an influx but an avalanche of ideas, and if your mission is to gain understanding or approval, then it will be important to slow down and think through what you intend to say before releasing it. Your enthusiasm won't be in question, and you clearly have something important to say, so say it with gusto but ensure that your head and mouth work in tandem when doing so!

October, 2019

You have fantastic cosmic support this month that can put a well-deserved smile on your face, sexy spring in your step and make your heart beat faster. To say you're going to “feel the love“ during August is an understatement. The coming weeks offer an abundance of praise, affection, and lavishness that you're bound to adore. If you thought matters of the heart couldn't get any better, then the Full Moon on the 15th that influences relationships and commitments could bring a truly delightful surprise.

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