(May 21 - Jun 20)
Friday, 10.18.2019

How many times during your lifetime have you provided an answer off the top of your head that you not only felt certain was correct but left someone in awe of your ability to do so? I'm guessing that has probably happened many times! As much as you might enjoy being a 'fountain of knowledge,' you can't come up with answers for everyone constantly. It might be time for a certain person to be less reliant on you to do so for them.

From October 14, 2019 thru October 20, 2019

You could feel noticeably more confident - and possibly passionate - toward a plan to increase or enhance security in your world. Areas that could receive special focus are your home or family. Whether you choose to enhance the levels of comfort within your abode, strengthen a connection with a family member or decide the time has come to pack up and move, you look set to feel that an essential step must be taken. For some Geminis, coming events might be more subtle, bringing a stronger interest in learning more about their family history or roots. Whatever transpires, trust that whatever steps or steps you take this week could be far-reaching in terms of helping you to feel more loved, wanted, and secure.

October, 2019

The way you communicate or make use of words could be a skill or talent that someone has their eye on. This could lead to a commitment requiring you to sign on a dotted line, and your communicative or writing abilities form the basis of this. From August 18, your home is not only where your heart is but could be where friends and family choose to hang out, and you won't mind one iota!. You could feel motivated to make changes to or within your abode and be drawn toward adding a bit more luxury to your domestic setup. Just keep a careful watch on the expenses involved. They could escalate very quickly.

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