(May 21 - Jun 20)
Tuesday, 04.07.2020

It's understood that waving a white flag is a sign of surrender. But whether the other side does the right thing by accepting the gesture can be another story. Although you're not necessarily encouraged to 'surrender' in any way, you are pushed to at least create the equivalent of a ceasefire or call 'time out' with a particular individual. You're also right to believe this could facilitate a necessary discussion.

From April 06, 2020 thru April 12, 2020

This week brings a link between Mercury and Pluto. It could pose the question about whether something connected with the future appears as a brilliant or bright ray of light or an intimidating, dark cloud. But we can't ignore the fact that Pluto governs transformation, among many things. The way it links with your ruling planet, Mercury, suggests that it has plans for you - and you should not be in any way fearful of or pessimistic of these. If you allow coming events to confirm reasons why you can and should feel supported and optimistic, then you'll find that what looms on the horizon is worthy of embracing wholeheartedly.

April, 2020

During April, Venus occupies your sign. Having the planet of love, comfort, money, and creativity on your side will help enhance each area. But Venus could also sweeten conversations that may have been tense or awkward. You're likely to have more than one challenging decision to make, and there could be financial, creative, or romantic connections with these. But positive results rely on you summoning kindness, compassion, and sensitivity. Thank goodness for Venus.

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