Tuesday, 04.07.2020

Necessity, as the old saying goes, is the 'mother of invention.' But the word 'invention' suggests a need to start at the very beginning in some way or persevere until a solution is found. Although you're likely to implement an innovative solution now or shorty, yours will require sensitivity as much as cleverness. There is a right and wrong way of solving a particular matter. Considering the needs of others or someone, in particular, is essential.

From April 06, 2020 thru April 12, 2020

If an emotional release helps to clear the air or make suppressed thoughts or feelings known to a particular individual, then there could be benefits to this happening. But just because you're dealing with tense and intense energy doesn't mean you have no option other than to succumb to it and allow it to dictate or influence what you say or do. If you detect this energy increasing in strength and size, then step back and give it a chance to subside before pursuing a particular matter. Anger or confrontation don't need to form part of the equation where a particular discussion is concerned.

April, 2020

When an Aquarian experiences a Eureka Moment, it's usually an exceptional occasion. If something inspires, thrills, or motivates you, then it's likely to be far-reaching or hold massive influence. You have a Supermoon affecting your vision of the future and the ability to broaden your mind. A powerful link between Jupiter and Pluto brings what's hidden or mysterious into the open. A surprising and profound discovery awaits you this month.

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